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You can OWN a home WITHOUT credit bank loan ssn papers- Buy Direct from Owner, pay it off in pmts, simple

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2116 River Bend Road, Arlington, TX 76014
Spacious 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath, 2 Car Garage home with Arlington ISD Schools
Big Living Room with wood burning fireplace and Lots of light
Master bedroom comes with attached bathroom and walk in closet
Flooring is ceramic tile throughout the home with NO CARPET
Huge Fenced backyard with grass, landscaping
Front yard has grass trees landscaping
Has a covered porch and a Huge covered patio to enjoy
Separate Laundry Room, Central AC and Heating
Actual Rooms in real life Look much bigger than you see in pictures
HOUSE was renovated in 2019 although Built in 1978, 2260sf
Central Location access to Hwy 360 20 30 161 arlington fort worth dfw dallas irving PARKS Mall, you name it
Arlington ISD Schools: E: Atherton M: Workman H: Houston
Mortgage payment including (Principal and Interest) on Owner Finance is $2,250/month
OWNING also involves Buyer pay (Property taxes + Home Insurance) $600/month in additon to mortgage

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4709 Woodfield Drive, Arlington TX 76016
Huge 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bath, 2 Car Garage, 3 living areas, with TOP NOTCH schools like MARTIN HIGH
Remodeled Kitchen with Granite counter tops with Dinning Area
Living Room with fireplace and Lots of light
Master bedroom has attached bathroom, and walk in closet 
Flooring is Ceramic Tile through out the house, no carpet 
Huge fenced backyard with grass, landscaping
Front yard with grass, tree, landscaping
Has a porch Area and a Patio area to enjoy
Separate Laundry room, Central AC and Heating
HOUSE was remodeled in 2019 although Built in 1979, 2530sf
Central Location access to Hwy 20, 820, 287, 30, 360, 161, 35w, dfw dallas irving Parks mall, you name it
Arlington ISD Schools: E: Miller JH: Young H: Martin High
Mortgage payment including (Principal and Interest) on Owner Finance is $2,585/month
OWNING also involves Buyer pay (Property taxes + Home Insurance) $415/month in additon to mortgage

Photo Slideshow

Video Tour: Click PLAY button on video below to see video tour of the home


Renting is something we do when we go somewhere for short while, but if you are going to stick around in DFW, it doesn't make any sense for you to waste your money on such high rents, and it is goind to get worst, becuase over 50% of the homes sold in DFW were purchased by NON INDIVIDUALS, meaning companies, who have come here for the sole purpose of buying houses, and charging the shit out of you in rent, because they can. So you can continue renting, and will pay higher rent every time you move, and you get nothing tangible at the end of the day, after paying so much money, or you can use same rent money, and instead of wasting it, invest it in OWNING a house. OWNING will help ground you and it will become your early retirement, and I'll show you step by step how, and best of all, the monthly payment you pay on your mortgage will never change until you pay it off in 10, 15, 20 or however long it takes you to pay it off. Compare that peace of mind to someone who didn't get what I just said and the nightmare that will unfold - Rent 10 years ago was $1000, now it is $2000, in 2032 it will be $4,000, 2042 yes $8,000, yes rents DOUBLE every ten years, because they follow the house prices, which usually double every 7 years. Just look at the picture below and see how much they went up by. It says the the MEDIAN price of an regular house, which is a 3/2/2, sold in tarrant county in June 2022 was $380,000. Just FYI, at national level, that same median home price is $403,800, marking the 125th consecutive month of "year-over-year increases, the longest-running streak on record,” National Association of Realtors reported. That means for all of those people who are still stuck at wanting a house for no more than $200,000, the train has left the station. With government raising interest rates to bring down the inflation, there may be very short term opportunity for ALL CASH buyers to pickup some good deals, but unless you are that person with few hundred thousand dollars in liquid cash, don't waste your time thinking house prices are going backwards to where they were few years ago. Your best option is to Find an OWNER who can give you a house, that you can payoff with money you would otherwise waste on rent. If you want to OWN, follow me, I make it easy.

You can OWN without credit bank loan ssn legal papers - Buy Direct from Owner, pay it off instead of renting.
You may not know it but you are already qualified to own a house, you know why? Becuase as a renter you are already paying off your Landlord's mortgage. Only thing he pays is Property Taxes and Insurance, which are about $7,200 a year or $20/day. If you can manage to save $20, You can OWN. How does that sound. And I will show you how you can find $20 right out of what you spend now, if you call me. I use do financial planning.

Why OWN? Because renting is one of those inventions where you pay and pay and pay but you never pickup the goods. And to add to your misery Landlord keeps on increasing the rent, and kick you out at whenever he wants

I want something tangible when I put out my hard earned money. Thus Owning is like a lay away plan, you buy with installment payments that are FIXED and they don't go up like RENT. How about this - you get the goods today, you make full usage of them by living there and improving it, and on their own the goods double in price appoximately every 7 years, then when you are done using them, they will be worth a lot more than the price you paid. You can pass them down or cash them out with a reverse mortgage, where you pay nothing and a bank sends you a check (instead of you paying) for rest of your living life. I can make it happend for you - YES

You ask how come I'm so nice, why would you let me own a house without all the BS, bank, credit ssn papers etc? How come? Smart people have a need to keep their money invested in order for it to grow and not lose value and by financing your purchase of a house meaning letting you pay it off in payments, they make better rate of return than what a bank may pay them. You need someone like me who can help you take the money you now waste on rent and instead invest it in OWNING a house, which is THE KEY to a Prosperours life.

You are now wondering, if its that easy to get what you want, how come not everyone knows it or OWN. Any intelligent and compassionate Landlord will consider it, but ask yourself, Did you ask? In my experience, best things in life are kept secret until you ask, you can't find them in books, they do not teach them in school. Its knowledge that is passed down, and I'm passing it to you, want to learn, jump on it, Put aside all your conditioning, and think out of the BOX, where anything is possible, and IT IS, if you know the right person, that would be me in this context. Remember - its not what you know, its who you know. THE LORD gifted me ability to figure things out. I have thus I specialize in making things possible, most folks find challenging to acheive.

If you want to make the most out out of when you call me, avoid asking dead end questions, like HOW MUCH? If I may suggest. Try stating your case with something like - I read your Ad or CL or FB website, I'm interested.
My family's receives $xxxxx amount per month from income benefits alimony etc.,
We have $xxxxx amount in savings,
we can INVEST $xxxxx/month to OWN a house instead of wasting money on rent, CAN YOU HELP ME. I will tell you what your options are with what you have to offer, what I can do, and what exceptions if any, I can make just to help you out. I will usually also tell you the path to getting what you want, if I can't help you right

Call 8 17 770 62 5six, I'll ask 3 questions, answer all yours and go over everything. If you can comfortablly afford one, come see it, you like, sign docs, Move in. Voila - You are done. Its that easy to OWN your home.
I love helping people, I will hold your hand every step of the way, and get you from here to Destiny, Period.

$1500 rent houses are thing of the past, NOW Just to rent a good home in good area, starts at $2,100 and more and will continue to go up higher, because prices of homes have gone up so much. You can CHOOSE to waste money on RENT, be a victim and complain about everything getting expensive. OR You can CHOOSE to make a smart choice and OWN, using the same rent money. You may have screwed up so many times, but I'm going to show you step by step below how this SINGLE smart CHOICE / decision to INVEST $20/day in YOU, #1 will be THE KEY to unlock your financial freedom, make you a Millionaire, and let you retire in about 15 years.

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKING: I'm involved in Real Estate, and this field has produced more millionaires than any other. I have opportunity for a person who wants to step into my shoes. It will be best but not absolutely required, that he is bilingual, knows home renovation work and can perform some admin duties.
** Are you a remodeler perhaps want to OWN and pay down house with maintenance work, I have a deal 4U
May be you want to Learn real estate and OWN bunch of properties and be a Landlord, I can offer you an opportunity to learn and provide ON JOB TRAINING. Perhaps you are Bilingual and you are good at explaining things to others and selling things, I can help you make more money if you can help me put people in houses.

Alright - Lets talk about why OWNING your house is the SINGLE SMARTEST DECISION you'll ever make.

1. OWNING is having a interest in the place you call home. We all need one, so why not use the money you worked so hard to make, to payoff a house that belongs to you instead of making your Landlord rich.

2. OWNING helps us prioritize Who is and what is important, and that in your life should be YOU, #1. You want to be happy right, what is that for you? Most people will say having enough money so I don't have to worry about bills, having free time to do what I want like maintain my health, freedom to choose, going on vacation at least 4 times a year, and so on. Many people have that, it took planning. If you don't put anything in, there is nothing to take out. Most people will think I need a retirement plan or 401K etc. No you don't. All you need to do is OWN YOUR HOUSE, which cost only $20/day, and pay it off as fast as you can, and it will take care of everything I said at top. Let me explain. Due to shortage of homes, more people moving here due to opportunities, Inflation etc, prices have gone up 50% in last 3 years, and they will continue to. A rent for good house starts at $2100 which is not a choice, you have to pay that regardless, unless you like living in shit place. But what if you were given an option to save additional $20/day or $600/month and invest that into a house you live in and OWN IT instead. BY OWNING, you got yourself a good habit, called automatic savings, and rest of the money came from what use to be wasted on rent. Then you go on about your life, and watch your life change. Based on average of past 100 years, homes double in value every 7.2 years. The current median price for a 3 bedroom home in tarrant county as of june is $380,000. Which means by 2029 you'll have $380,000 in your bank saved, by 2036 $1,520,000, by $2044 $3 Million and it keeps doubling as long as you live. Oh, did I tell you, if you were smart you'll have it paid off in 15 years. Now look back 15 years, and ask yourself how much did you save on your own, what's your retirement balance? That's what I mean by PRIORITY, you will be taken care of very well, only if you start putting aside measly $20/day Today. Can you imagine if you had got this habit 15 years ago, you'll be sitting in a paid off house. Just FYI, reason owning cost about 20% of more than renting is because owners are responsible for paying Property Tax and Hazard Insurance, just like you pay Road Tax called registration and Auto Insurance in case car is involved in a Hazard or accident etc.

3. OWNING helps you say NO to wrong people and short term temptations insteads channels that money in building long term wealth. You can leave behind short term games you play for quick profits or pleasures, like buying lottery tickets, blowing money on short term but never fullfilling pleasures like sex, gambling, smoking, drinking, sniffing, shopping, stock market, crpto fever, lend money to friends and family etc etc who never pay back. Instead park your $20/day under you pillow which is the house, and leave it alone, with TIME like GRASS, it grows by itself.

4. OWNING is the only investment I can think of where you can buy a house and sell it lets say in five years, and walk with $250,000 profit over your purchase price and there is no income tax on your profit. Every other investment I can think of, even if a bank pays you a $1 interest, they send you a tax form to pay tax on

5. OWNING helps you make lots of money faster, due to LEVERAGE. Since you are not paying all cash for an investment, lets say you only invested $6000, but you control $380,000, the median price of home now, based on long term growth rate, it will go up by 10% a year, which is $38,000, so your $6000 investment earns $38,000 in one year, which is 633% rate of return, and this repeats year after year and the earning can keep going higher and higher. How many other investments offer you such a return without risk?

6. OWNING lets you play one way game, meaning you can take part anytime, if it goes up you keep the profit, but if it goes against you, which it rarely does for long term people, you can walk away, nothing happens.

7. OWNING offers secrecy. For those of you in certain types of occupations, like hookers, dancers, gamblers, dealers, lets just say anything where you make CASH or don't have to declare your your income, you can easily put away that money by buying a house all cash or put a large down payment. This way instead of stashing cash which is risky, you can buy bunch of homes, rent them, airbnb, get into adult entertainment, day care, group home, almost any business from home, and your money is growing at 533% a year, if you think about it.

8. OWNING shields you from LOSERS, who always somehow find you when you have any extra money. If you OWN, you can tell them, sorry man, just paid my house payment in advance for couple of months. Go away.

9. OWNING offer you a choice to choose amoung what kind of people you want to live. Apartments not so much. Then of course home may be on a 10,000 SF lot, where as apartment has 300SF. It grows on you slowly, you can plan things, you can improve it because its yours, Add on to it, to increase its value, build a tiny house in the backyard and rent it out for $1000/month easy. In bad times, rent out rooms, its a resource you can take advantage of, with so many possibilities.

10. OWNING offers you much better opportunity to invest and make much better rate of return than 401K plan. I am not saying don't invest in 401K, but not a penny more than how much your employer matches up to. All the 401K companies invest in stocks, and those 401K, often become 201K, then 101K, when value drops. Home is something long term, you do not worry about short term market trends, it overcomes them all.

11. OWNING brings descipline. If you are not a big saver, you haven't put away any money in a retirement plan or 401K etc. You and I both know if you don't put anything in, there will be nothing to cash out. You invest that $20/day into a house, and lets say you are 45 today, by the time your retire, you have 21 years left. You take $5000 and move into a house you can OWN and lets assume its market value is $350,000 today, in 7 years it will be 700K, in 7 more years 1400K, in 7 more years or by the time you retire, it will be 2800K aka 2.8 Million dollars, You can cash it out and retire, live in any part of the world, many of which are much cheaper than USA.

12. OWNING is your key to Financial Independence and Retire Early. As the median price of a house today is $380,000, and you can get into one of them with less than $10,000. You go on about your life and with few smart strokes, you can plan to finish paying it off in 15 years, and by then it will be worth $1.5 Million bucks, CASH. You can just cash out and retire and disappear and start acutally living your life, or you can mix and match it, buy a few rentals, get income from them, while you vacation or work or both, but you will look back and thank me for sharing this habit of paying YOU, the #1 first by setting aside $20/day before anything is paid out of your paycheck. Make that your religion, and You will be allright. BTW, this is not a theory, I'm living it, and I can show you step by step how easy it is for you to start, and realize your Financial Independence.

Somewhere above is a PICTURE SHOT of current real estate market condition. Latest shows the median price of a single family home, which would be 3 bedroom home in tarrant county in last 12 months, since June 2021 till now, shot up from $70,000 from $310,000 to what is now $380,000, that was 22.6% price increase. Did you know same house in 2020 was selling for only $267,500, before it jumped $42,500 or 15.9% percent to its last years price of $310,000. You would only realize those profits if you OWNED THEM. All you have to do put down what you can, and keep up with your payments, then just watch your wealth grow. Once you set it in motion, it grows by itself just like the grass, just watch and this happens year after year. Since we are going through some uncertain times, I'm going to dial back the growth from 22% down to 16% that's 8% less and I'm going to drop it 1% each year for the hell of it, till we get to a 100 year average rate of 10%, and still this happens

YEAR 1 - Price of house went up by 60,800 (16% x $380,000), at the end of one year house is worth $440,800
YEAR 2 - Price of house went up by 66,120 (15% x $440,800), at the end of 2nd year house is worth $506,920
YEAR 3 - Price of house went up by 70,968 (14% x $506,920), at the end of 3rd year house is worth $577,888
YEAR 4 - Price of house went up by 75,125 (13% x $577,888), at the end of 4th year house is worth $653,014
YEAR 5 - Price of house went up by 78,361 (12% x $653,014), at the end of 5th year house is worth $731,336
YEAR 6 - Price of house went up by 80,451 (11% x $731,336), at the end of 6th year house is worth $811,827
YEAR 7 - Price of house went up by 81,182 (10% x $811,827), at the end of 7th year house is worth $893,010
YEAR 15 - WELL PASS $1.5 Million, and going and going and going.....

Now tell me do you know any other investment in the world that lets you have that kind of return on your $20/day investment risk free? None. I can give you 100 more reasons to OWN but you got the point I hope.

Now lets get to the next issue, which most people have find challenging - How to get started

1. You can buy a house with bank loan, which is only way most people know how to buy anything, through a bank. I can do a loan for you, If you have perfect credit, been at your job for a while, don't have too much debt, file your taxes honestly, got about 10% of purchase price that would be about $38,000 in the bank, based on $380,000 median house price, for down payment and closing cost.

2. If you are missing any of the components, or it will take time to fix that component, you can get a Seller or Owner to sell you a house directly and just pay it off in payments, just like you are use to paying rent. Depending on what you have to offer the seller can offer you, Owner Finance, Lease purchase option or Lease until you OWN. Working with Individuals in a lot easier than institutions. And if you are active in real estate, and been watching how difficult it was to buy a house due to shortage of homes and people bidding up homes just to land one, this option takes out all that hassle.

You might ask why would an individual finance you in other words sell you something on payments? Good question. All smart people realize that if your cash is not working, and is just sitting, it starts to lose value. For example lets say you sold a house, you got a wire for $300,000 cash. Unless you reinvest it immeiately, it starts to lose value. Here is an example, Today if you reinvest, you could have purchased similar condition house for about $300,000, but if you wait a year, market may go up 10%, which is the long term average, and this time, next year, same house will be selling for $330,000. You see how your cash will no longer buy the same house for $300,000, it lost $30,000, which now you must come out of pocket in order to buy the house. THEREFORE, smart people need other smart people like you who are looking to make SMART CHOICES like owning a house, to enter a WIN WIN DEAL. Guy with $300,000, lets call him the INVESTOR, goes and buys a house, while somewhere else TOM who is a young man has decided to no longer waste money on rent, and wants to own a house so he can prosper. But along the way he made a few wrong moves, and bank will not lend him any money to buy a house. So Investor somehow finds TOM and purposes to him, hey why not I sell you the house I just purchased, and I'll finance you instead of the bank, with no run around, and you can simply pay off the house by making monthly payments to me directly. Tom likes that, they enter a deal, Tom moves in and pays off the house. Tom got what he wanted without a bank, and Investor kept his money from losing value and instead made some profit, which is expected, because Investor received more than what he invested in the house, in form of payments from TOM. This same arrangement can be applied to anything. You can buy a car, a hotel, you name it, as long as both seller and buyer agree to terms, you can skip the bank, but you have to find the right person, who is willing to offer you that opportunity. That is what I offer, in case you are wondering.

So yes, as long as you make good money, pay your bills, and can afford a good size payment, you can OWN.

FAQ - Freqently Asked Questions

People often call me and they ask the same questions, what is the price or How much?, What you want for down payment, what's the monthly payment, this, that etc etc. I can clearly answer those questions with a number but there is a down side for you to conduct business that way. Let me explain. What if I say the price is $300,000, I need 30% down, the payment is $x,xxx. It might happen that you have never seen $300,000 in life, so you can't relate, its way over your head, and that creates a disconnect sometimes literally. Usually people at that time just hang up, why, I don't know, but I assume, because they felt, they don't meet those requirements, or don't have what it takes, thus they may conclude that I will not be able to help them. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE. I can help anyone, only if they let me. The fault lies in people asking the WRONG QUESTIONS. Imagine you are in a car accident, and your wife is bleeding all over, do you call 911, and ask - How much for Ambulance? What does hospital charge to patch her up a bit? ( as if you may choose not to get one unless they gave you amount you wanted to hear ) NO of course not. You call and explain what your situation is and let the experts figure out how to best help you in your present situation. Its the same scanario with me.

THUS, I suggest You do the same when you call me. Say something like - I read your Ad or website, I'm interested. My family's receives $xxxxx amount from income benefits alimony etc., We have $xxxxx amount in savings, and based on our spending habits, (we can comfortably pay $xxxx amount in monthly rent, BUT it would be awesome if we can actually use the same rent money to OWN and pay down the house, and if that is possible) we are willing to strech and Invest $xxxxx amount per month in OWNING a house, CAN YOU HELP ME. I will tell you what your options are with what you have to offer, what I can do, and what exceptions if any, I can make just to help you out. I will usually also tell you the path to getting what you want, if I can't help you at the present time. See how it makes much more sense to state your case than to ask WRONG QUESTION, like HOW MUCH?

MOMENT TO SELF REFLECT and find your answers? 67% Americans OWN, but You don't, how come?

Here are just a few I've experienced with people

- A lot of what goes on has to do with Communication errors. If you can speak in terms that please the other's ears, you get further in life. Know that there is conflicting interest between buyer and seller most of times. Buyer wants to pay the least, Seller wants to get the most out of you, but in reality where both may settle is the middle point and the only way to get there is to watch how you communicate, otherwise, you will ask the wrong questions which will get you wrong answers, and BOOM, you are out, you won't get anywhere.

- You ASK the wrong Questions. when you ask someone "Do you hate me" what do you think they might say? In the same way, when you blirp out, HOW MUCH? FOR RENT OR SALE?, it may be wrong Question? Lets say you ask For Rent or Sale?, although it may be both for sale or rent or rent to own, but you only gave me two choices, so I say for sale. You may have very little or no money to buy a house and you may not even have a bank loan approved, so what will you do with that answer, NOTHING. and you might even hang up at that point thinking, I can't afford it, lets call the next ad. BUT had you rephrased the question a bit and said, I like the house, what options do you offer? then you let the seller tell you all the options, you see how that works? Of course the seller does not want to waste his time, giving you all the info on a house that costs $3000 a month to a person who can only afford $800/month, so it is helpful to tell the seller upfront, what you can comfortably afford and what the maximum you are willing to INVEST should you be given the option to OWN IT, instead of wasting money on rent.

- You do not communicate via phone and instead text email etc. Anything other than talking on phone or meeting in person leaves out bunch of communication. For example, lets say you are kind or you have a pretty face or there is something about you, your philosophy of life or whatever is attractive to the seller, this might cause them to give you the house regardless, even if you lack one of the components needed or you are short on down payment, deposit, monthly payment, amount of monthly rent etc. So when you can always go to see the property and talk and negotiate then not on the phone, but be careful not to mislead. When you send a text, ask person to call you, instead of HOW MUCH?, if you email, you assume since you are looking at info on your phone, when you message them, it will send your phone, NO IT DOES NOT due to privacy laws, thus always send your phone so they can call you.

- "No one in my family or circle, ever taught me how to save" Unless you want to live hand to mouth for rest of your days, you should plan your life, and strive to acheive the goal of financial independence so you can finally live life at your terms without worrying about money.

- You doubt - Whenever you find an opportunity, your brain farts - "Its too good to be true," and you are out. Just because you operate from a negative place, do not assume the rest of the world also is like that. Its all in your head, so take a moment and think - You are what you think. If its negative, Leave it, Positive, Grow it.

- Market is too hot - The housing market has been going up for eternity, but its last run started 16 years ago. Even people who are qualified for a loan, who are making offer to buy a house at full listing price were finding that someone beat them out by offering more money. You will be surprised to know people are offering $25,000 to $75,000 over actual value to just land a house, in a bidding war. My advice is to deal directly with an Seller, offer to do any cosmetics or upgrades yourself, its all about making it easier for them to sell, and you not having to pay thousands extra in bidding war. Real Estate agents work for themselves not you, unless they make shit load of money, they will not give you any good info, so call someone who knows and can help you approach those seller directly, that someone would be me. I can be reached at 8 17 770 62 5six

- Want a deal. I have dealt with idiots who will not deal with you unless they feel they got a deal. So instead of giving someone a house for 200,000, someone may say its $300,000, and to make buyer feel they found a deal, take $250,000. Buyer feel great, you just F..ked them for $50,000. Its mostly hispanics that are looking for such deals. I do not play those games, go somewhere else.

- Don't have MONEY? - You can afford the monthly payment, have good credit, jobs, can qualify for a loan, but don't have money for down payment and closing cost which can add up to about 10% of purchase price. Again, you need to call someone like me, who knows a seller who may give you the money to buy the house. Your real estate agent is not going to give you a penny. The other way is - start saving. How about your commitment to pay YOURSELF first $10 everyday, before you pay anyone else. Just take $10 cash everyday and put it in down payment jar. If you live with a girlfriend or wife, she has got to do the same. Lets do the numbers, $10/day x 365 days = $3650 saved by you, and $3650 by the girlfriend, add it, we got $7,300. See how easy it is to save. How about offering the seller $600 extra per month that you are saving by adding it to your monthly payment, and that may open the door for you to move in Today instead of couple years down the road.

- I'll just rent its cheap - What is true short term may not be true for long term. Rent DOUBLES every ten year, while a house payment is FIXED, meaning it does not go up, you have peace of mind, Not if you are a renter.
Rent in 2010 was $900, 2020 = $1,800, Now 2022 = $2200, wait 10 years 2030 = $3,600, 2040 = $7,200

- Bad Credit or No Credit - Although banks require credit, credit is not necessary to buy a house from a private party such as me, If you don't have one thing, you can always use another in its place, like MONEY. I will sell you a house without credit.

- Down payment - The main reason why you may not have savings to use as a down payment is because you spend your money on things you can live without if you tried. Take a sheet of paper, draw a line vertically in the middle. On left start writing date and amount of all the money that comes in, salary, paycheck, commission, side jobs, social security, child support, account for every penny coming in. Then on the right side of page, write out amount of every bill you pay, rent, water, electric, gas, cable, internet, cell phone, car payment, car insurance, groceries, fuel, beer, cigars, things you don't want others to know but you spend on, look at your bank statement, even write out fees you paid, account for every penny that goes out. Then email it to me, I'll find you the money to be able to own. You can also save your down payment over time, while you live in the house you can buy down the road. You can trade something you got, we all have something, or work for your down payment, especially if you know anything about fixing houses, websites, social media marketing

- Price is TOO HIGH - Many people get stuck at this one. The truth is since home prices go up almost every year by so much, you shouldn't worry too much about $25,000 this way or that way because in the long run you'll make it up. In a market where sellers are being offered, well over listing price, its wise to just get your hand on what you can get. Just think if you buy a house for $275K instead of $250K, and in 7 years its worth more than $500K, will it matter if you made $250K profit or $225K profit, you won't even remember what you paid. So take it easy and go with the flow. Many times it is a ego problem, you think you are not smart enough, if you didn't get the best price or bottom dollar, so trying to prove yourself right, you lose out in the long run. I been there and this was the exact reason why I stayed on sideline for years and didn't OWN and instead rented. Back in late 80's I had excellent job, made more than enough to afford a house, and price of house where I lived was $175,000 where I lived in California. But I thought, I'm not going to pay full price, I will find a good deal, and buy when it falls to $150,000. Guess what? it never happened, I was proven wrong, train had left the station, and by the time I moved to Texas, the same exact house was selling for $675,000. So drop your ego, and go with the flow. Market dictates prices based on laws of supply and demand. There is limited supply of LAND, but demand especailly here in tarrant county has been going up for last 15 years - due to increase in population, opportunities in DFW, people moving in from NY, LA, SFO, SEATTLE, low interest rates, low inventory of houses available for sale, and so many other reason, thus there is constant pressure on price, if you want it, you have to offer more than listing price, thus price goes up. So wheather you like it or not, a good house in good neighborhood is moving up in price by $25 - $30,000 a year minimum, so get with the program. As I illustrated up there, based on current growth rate, the house you can buy today for $300,000 will be a $360,000 house a year from now, so don't be stupid, get in on it, before it goes up instead of waiting. And then let me ask you, prices going up - is that a good thing or bad? Depends, if I'm going to own a house or keep renting. If you are going to OWN, you want them to go up, which is why a house here doubles in value every 7.2 years. I feel sorry for you, if you'll keep renting due to your ignorance, as rent will double every ten years, because your landlord has to pay double the price to buy a house than he did few years ago.

- Interest rate is TOO HIGH? Compared to what? How many banks are lined up to lend you money at 3%, if you answer is NONE, then any interest rate you can get so you can own is good enough. I can bet, if you qualify for 3% interest, you would not be looking here, or or CL. No one is chasing you, its the other way around, so calm down, get what you can, start OWNing, then stop screwing up and don't hurt your credit, let me help you build it back up, improve your financial situation by making more money, and then I can help you refinance into a cheaper interest rate.

- SELF EMPLOYED - If you make money but don't declare your true income, you got two choices. You got PLAN A, You can pay the government their fair share, file income tax returns of at least two years with high enough income, where your debt to income ratio is no more than 35%, that means if all your bills house payment, car payment, insurance on house, car, property taxes, electric, water, gas, cell phone, all credit or charge card payments, payment on anything you owe, say if it adds up to $3500/month, bank will not lend you money unless you show that you take home $10,000 a month, after expenses. More likely that will cost you a lot of income tax, so I understand why you don't go that route. In that case, go with PLAN B, you need to find an owner who will finance you and keep your affairs private, and you can OWN. It may cost little more than bank loan payment, but its still much less than what it would cost you on PLAN A.

- AFRAID of getting scammed - There are bad actors in every industry, that doesn't mean you stop living your life. I suggest you educate yourself, ask all the questions you have, and deal with people that have money instead of broke ass people who are more likely to take your money because they need it to live off you. In real esate all the information in PUBLIC, meaning nothing is hidden, you can give me any address, and I can tell you who own it, if their is a loan on it, from what bank, for how much, at what interest rate, any liens on the house, you name it, its all public information easily available to anyone who wants to know. Many deals offer you to take over someone else's loan payments, those usually fall apart and I recommend you walk away from them. Don't go for fancy, because if someone is going to screw you out of your money, they are going to put up a front that impresses you, so that you can lower your shields, and just trust them. So next time you see someone in a suit with fancy car, with a BIG company and a impressive website, Look out. Try asking questions, and if you can its always helpful to deal with LOCAL people you can meet and shake hands with. Speaking of which, if you meet me, Please don't judge me, becuase unlike these fancy shancy folks, I don't straighten out my hair, I sometimes go around all day in my night pajamas, and a tshirt, and I don't drive anything fancy, why, because I am not trying to make any impression on you. What I'm saying is, try looking at Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, none of them wear fancy stuff, because they don't need to impress you, they have made it, period.

- You don't trust your decisions - You always run to other people to approve your decisions. Very common in Mexicans. They will come to see a house, they like it, got money, like everything, they want it, but they will say, I need my brother or uncle, etc etc to take a look and see what they think. Nine out of ten times, their relative that shows up, doesn't want them to get anywhere, so they will come up with some BS, and deal falls apart. It happened to me last week, Mexican lady sold her house, offred me $20,000 as down payment to buy one of mine, She was super excited, when it came to sign papers, she calls her husband who is in JAIL, and the dipshit who makes no money, doesn't contribute shit to raise the 3 children she is raising, in so many words told her to not do it, and rent instead. Ask yourself, if your tooth hurts, do you go to dentist or your uncle? You go to dentist, who specializes in fixing tooth pain not your uncle. All these years, your uncle didn't do shit for you, did he help you own a house? NO, so why would all the sudden he would want to see you succeed now? People feel in control when they have made it and those around them have not, it boosts their ego, so they are not going to help you get to their level, thus they will never give you good advice. Stop asking others what is good for you. Make a decision, go with your heart, make it a success, and then go back and surprise those relatives that thought you couldn't do it. You might think you are not so smart, but I beg to differ. God made you just the way he wanted, start loving his work, YOU - AS IS, start trusting God's work.

- Your Conditioning - it may be the conditioning of place you come from. Mexicans somehow beleive if they have a document notarized, then it means its legit. FALSE. It may be carries some weight in mexico, but not here. Anyone can become a notary, even you, and there is not test to take, just fill out a form, attach a check and you are notary. Another thing that is strange is they think you are only real if you have an office, somehow that make you legit. No wonder, in most of their stories I find that the guy that screwed them, was someone with an office and he notarized the documents, so these dumb asses handed him their money, later to learn it was just a scam. I guess its human nature, one thinks what they know is right, that's how your ego is built, but it also can work against you. Those that want to screw you, they can figure out how you think, put up a show, and you will happily hand them your money. The truth is, successful people do not show off and they work smart and save money, which is why they have money. Thus, my advice to you is do not be quick to judge others based on your faulty conditioning, but I do encourge you to ask all your qustions. I like mexicans, they work hard, they save money, and you need money to afford a house payment and a down payment.

- You are just dumb - Examples of that may be that you are offered an opportunity, and you pass it. I offered a couple who told me they were struggling, an opportunity to work for me, offered them a house they can own without any down payment, and furthermore an opportunity where I would buy a fixer upper every quarter, let them fix it and hold them long term as rental and split the profit with them. They couldn't believe anyone can offer such a deal, they passed on it. Another guy who has followed my website for last 5 years, called me number of times but didn't buy. Finally put enough money together for a deposit, hardly any down payment, don't have shit to his name, but I gave him a chance to OWN, he came and looked at few houses twice, still didn't buy anything, why? because house needs minor cosmetic work. The reality is had he acted 5 years ago and taken a house, it would have doubled in price by now, but you can't make winners out of losers. So watch out - if you are miserable, no one else to blame, you are the cause of it, not existence.
It helps to be straight and just tell the seller, hey this is what I have saved, this is what I make, this is what I can afford, and let them tell you what they can offer you. Instead people go around and around, don't answer straight questions and even answer question with a question, that's will not get you very far. When you respond to an ad, don't just type interested, provide as much details as you can, so seller will take interest in you. Don't assume since you are answering ad on your phone, your phone number is automatially sent, NO you actually have to type it with your response in order for seller to get it. What happens when you show up late or not show up at all for a hearing, you lose. Same happens when you show up late or not show to see a house.

I can go on and on with all the experiences I have had with people, who could have easily OWNED but they don't because they are in their own way. Whatever your reason is, your hang up is, its ok, we all have some. You suffered from it long enough, time to let go. Help me help you move forward, and start Living the good life.










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